‘Wisher’ – an app which will never let you forget birthdays, Ever.

Developed my first android app, wisher. I have been working on it since few months, and finally it’s first version is ready for use.

It’s an open-source project, so it’s source code is also available on github.

You can download latest version directly from here -> Wisher

You are welcome to send me reviews, feature requests, Bugs etc.

P.S. More is coming and Thanks for reading. 🙂

Handling Contact Photos (All API Levels)

Think Android

Hey everyone,

So I recently released my Facebook Contact Sync application, and even though I tested it thoroughly on my G1 I received a lot of complaints from people with M-droids, etc. Well, apparently, with the release of Android 2.0 and higher, even though the android.provider.Contacts.People class is only deprecated, often times the same methods which would have worked in Android 1.6 and lower will no longer work in 2.0 and higher (kind of silly to mark something as deprecated if it won’t work most of the time no?). And so, after browsing numerous blogs and email lists I was able to get a better grasp of how to deal with the new ContactsContract structure (API level 5 and above) and this post will talk specifically about how to load and set the user’s Contact’s photos, both in API levels 5 and 6 but also in the lower API levels.

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How to download music from soundcloud?

I know all the music lovers love the soundcloud app for it’s awesome services. Also, all those who ever used this app at least once might have thought if they can download the particular song from soundcloud so that they can add it to their personal library of songs.

Well, this is possible without any third party app or any downloader and I’m here to show you how.

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Cool way to send free messages(SMS) by staying anonymous

I was wondering how do I hide my number while sending message to another phone.

We all know when we get some sms from unknown number, we can always trace back to the person by looking up sender’s number into some reverse number look-up sites. But what if we can hide our number?

We can stay anonymous theoretically. 😛

and I just found a way to do this in very easy way, by using a free website which claims to provide free sms service worldwide. 😉

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